Redfishing doesn’t get any better than this

This is what a triple hookup on reds looks like after my anglers survived the wild fire drill of three on at once. The fish are schooling right now and the fishing just doesn’t get any better.

It’s on. Fall is here and the redfish are acting like we always hope they will.

The fish bunch in schools, so now when we find them, there’s a good supply of hungry fish all packed nicely together, unlike other times of the year when we’re hunting and pecking for onesies and twosies here and there.

Those schools mean multiple anglers are going to get hooked up at the same time, and we had many doubles and triple hookups on this trip. There’s nothing like the frantic fire drill that breaks out when three big reds are being battled at the same time. It just doesn’t get better.

This is the kind of redfishing action we’ll be looking at over the next few weeks and like we won’t see again until spring. It’s definitely the time to fish – if you can handle the fun, that is!


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