Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing History

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande is world famous for a reason. Every year tens of thousands of tarpon migrate to Boca Grande for there annual spawn. These tarpon gather up in large schools with as many has 10,000 of them in one school. Well you can just imagine the competition for the food source! So with the numbers of tarpon that migrate to Boca Grande every year this is why Boca Grande tarpon fishing is world famous. The tarpon fishing in Boca Grande started in the late 1800’s from row boats. There are still several guides in the area that are 4th and 5th generations tarpon fishing guides. Some of these guides still tarpon fish what they call the ” traditional tarpon fishing method” with the exception that they use power boats. This old method of tarpon fishing can still be very effective today. However in today’s world the tarpon are starting to learn from the tarpon fisherman. They don’t always do the same thing everyday. They have began to learn about the boats and the methods used to catch them. So this why its important to be with a guide that is willing and capable to fish for these tarpon using all the different methods, tactics, baits, and tackle available in today’s world. When it comes to tarpon fishing, and tarpon fishing in Boca Grande I am your guide! I do anything and everything I possibly can to catch my clients as many tarpon as we can on every charter. My goal on every tarpon fishing charter is for my clients to have a blast catching giant tarpon in safe and ethical manor. I want you and your party to go home with sore arms and tell your family and friends what a great time you had fishing with Capt. Mike Manning.

There are numerous ways to catch tarpon in Boca Grande, from fishing the beaches, passes, harbor, and the sound.

The Beaches: Tarpon fishing the beaches is not fishing from the beach. What we mean is there are several schools of tarpon that travel north and south along the beaches of the west coast of Florida. This is my favorite way of tarpon fishing in Boca grande. This method of tarpon fishing is the most exciting way of catch tarpon you will ever experience. You will actually sight cast to the schools of tarpon and sometimes watch the eat your bait. When you are tarpon fishing along the beaches the tarpon jump more and make longer runs do to the shallower water.

The Harbor: The harbor is the area east of the pass and all the way up to Port Charlotte. We catch these tarpon a few different ways also from sight casting live baits to large schools of tarpon to sight casting to single fish with artificial baits. The harbor is a very productive tarpon fishing area from late March till late October. When the tarpon are in large schools in the harbor the fishing is very similar to fishing the beaches. You get to sight cast live bait to these large schools of tarpon and watch them eat you bait. At other times in the harbor the tarpon are spread out and we cast artificial lures at singles or slow troll live baits using your trolling motor.

The Sound: The sound is south of Boca Grande on the inter coastal water way. Again we catch these tarpon several different ways such as live bait, artificial baits, and dead baiting. Fishing the sound with live bait and artificial baits is done the same way as on the beaches and in the harbor. The dead bait tarpon fishing method is very productive sometimes. We catch or buy some type of bait like mullet, mackerel, catfish, or just about any type of bait fish. We get in an area where we are seeing some tarpon and anchor up and put the dead bait out on the bottom. The tarpon are scavengers and will eat just about anything they can fit in their mouth. Sometimes using this method we will catch some giant sharks.

The Pass: Boca Grande pass is the deepest natural pass on the west coast of Florida. This pass is one of the main reasons the tarpon migrate to the Boca Grande Area. It has fast moving current with a large supply of bait fish and crabs. There are a few different ways to fish Boca Grande Pass such as the traditional way by drifting the pass with live bait. Back in the late 1980’s several guides came up the the idea of fishing with artificial lures like 4oz jig head and plastic 4 inch swim tail. Both of these methods are very productive when it comes to tarpon fishing. The down side of fishing in Boca Grande Pass is the crowds on certain days. Some days its not every busy and other days there can be over 100 boats in the pass.

So now you see there are several ways and places to catch tarpon in the Boca Grande area. This is why it’s very important to pick the right tarpon fishing guide. There are several guides in the Boca Grande area, but very few that fish all the different areas the tarpon get. For over 20 years I have been a tarpon fishing guide in Boca Grande and I pride myself as one of the best tarpon guides in the State of Florida. So if you are looking to catch a giant tarpon I am the man that will put you on them. Not only have I put thousands of clients on tarpon I have been hired by other GUIDES to teach them my methods.