Premier Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande!

Welcome to Action Fishing Adventures – Boca Grande’s Best Tarpon Fishing Charter!

Action Fishing Adventures is the premier charter fishing service in Boca Grande, specializing in tarpon fishing trips guided by Capt. Mike Manning, who is known to be one of the best tarpon fishing guides on the west coast of Florida.

Tarpon Fishing in Boca GrandeCapt. Mike targets giant tarpon From March to November and smaller juvenile tarpon the rest of the year. We fish world famous Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande Pass, and Pine Island Sound in pursuit of these enormous tarpon.

Capt. Mike Manning is a full time fishing guide and a Florida native that has been a tarpon fishing guide in Boca Grande for over 25 years now. Capt. Mike has turned his life long passion of chasing tarpon into a career to helping others remove the TARPON from their bucket list.

When it comes to tarpon fishing, not only do you need a good guide, but you need the proper equipment and a boat made specifically for tarpon fishing in Boca Grande. We provide the best fishing tackle money can buy, and fish from a 24 foot Avenger with a tarpon tower, two trolling motors, and Raymarine Electronics. This boat is not just any boat its made just for chasing tarpon in and round Boca Grande. It’s the boat almost all fishing guides on the West coast of Florida wants. It’s safe, dry riding, and comfortable.

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing

Although we primarily fish out of Boca Grande, we can make arragments with advanced notice to provide tarpon charters in Tampa Bay and Clearwater as well.

Call 727-243-8918 now or click below to book your next Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charter with Capt. Mike of Action Fishing Adventures!

Why choose Boca Grande for your tarpon fishing charter destination?

Boca Grande is the tarpon capital of the world, because its the largest spawning spot for tarpon in the world, so there are more tarpon in the Boca Grande waters than anywhere else. The more fish in one spot, the better your odds are that you will catch one! The tarpon come to Boca Grande for the deep water, strong tides, and abundance of crabs and bait fish. To read more about the history of tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, click here.

Now that you know where you want to fish for tarpon, the next step is finding a good guide, and choosing the right Boca Grande tarpon fishing guide is the hard part.

There are hundreds of tarpon guides, but very few good ones. There are about 15 really good tarpon guides in Boca Grande and it’s very important to be with the right guide. This is going to be the biggest and hardest choice you will have to make, but the most important one. I can not tell you how to choose a guide or even who to choose, but I will say this – make sure you speak to the guides, don’t choose by email, don’t believe everything you read on websites, and do some homework. I am always willing to help you pick a good guide even if it’s not me.


  • Don’t be that guy who wishes he was on the other Captain’s boat.
  • Don’t be that guy who’s Capt is following another Captain to find fish.
  • Don’t be that guy that has a Captain with crappy equipment.
  • Don’t be that guy with a Captain who does not have a trolling motor.
  • Don’t be that guy with a Captain who shows up with no CRABS .
  • Don’t be that guy with a Captain who has a crappy boat or to small of a boat.
  • Don’t be that guy who books a tarpon trip and the guide tells him there are no tarpon around to catch.
  • Don’t be that guy who falls for the TARPON GUARANTEE SCAM. The reason they do it is because they suck at their jobs and its the only way they can get people to fish with them. They also always come up with a way for them to get paid.