Can you feel it? Tarpon Time is coming

This is the 230 pound beast of a tarpon we landed in April 2017.

The holidays will soon be behind us, and we’ll be looking at a new year and more important, the 2018 tarpon season.

We jumped an amazing 683 tarpon in Boca Grande in 2017, our best year ever. We’re shooting for more than 700 this season. The key to hitting that magic number is fishing the early season in April, ahead of the rush of anglers that comes in May and doesn’t stop until July.

April is great, just for that reason. The Boca Grande fishing grounds are wide open and uncrowded. No masses of anglers and boats spooking the fish and running them ragged. It’s a truly perfect time to enjoy the unspoiled tarpon fishing of a bygone era, and also the time to bag the fish of a lifetime. Last season we landed a 230-lb tarpon, which is world class.

To all my loyal and amazing clients, I look forward to seeing you again this season, and to all those who want in on the action, don’t wait until it’s too late. Everyone wants to fish Boca Grande and our calendar can fill up mighty fast, so please call me at 727-243-8918 or email me at

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