The action is good on our local flats. Got into oversized reds schooling off Sand Bay around the drop when the tide was out. The bigger school was about 40 fish, so more than enough for some great action.

Live sardines are the best bet. We’re finding them in all the usual places, though it can take a bit of chumming. There are some decent sized baits in the bunch.

The snook are cruising the beach along the west side of Anclote Key, and there are some big female spawners there. It’s a great time right now for a catch-and-release trophy fish.

For pure fun (and actually, some good eating) the small blacktip sharks are all over the place, including on the beach where the snook are. They’ll take large live baits like jumbo sardines, pinfish or small mullet. Blacktips also take artificial baits, so that’s an option.

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