Nice Trout Bite – reds, too

The trout fishing has been solid around the spoil islands of St. Joseph Sound south of the Anclote River. This is a great area of grass bottom and potholes that is a reliable winter fishing spot for gator trout. The trout have been hanging around many of the creek mouths north of the river, as well.

The redfish action has been pretty good, too. We’ve been taking some nice fish in Sand Bay just south of Gulf Harbors in New Port Richey. Checking the potholes and flats on the backside of Anclote Key also turned up a few nice reds. The reds have been moving, and we’re having to work ahead of them to present live sardines, which have returned to the flats in force. Acres of bait schools were on the flats south of the Anclote River.

We’re getting a snook here and there, but that bite hasn’t really taken of just yet, but it won’t be long, as spring weather is not far off.