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Trout Time

This is trout time. The water is cooling, the fish know winter is just around the corner and they’re feeding to fatten up for the coming cold.

We’re finding them about everywhere we go – the grass flats, rocks, spoils and creek mouths are holding some quality fish right now, with examples 18 to 25 inches coming to the boat.

They take live sardines very well, but they also jump on topwater plugs, jigs and jerkbaits, so no matter what your style, we’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to trout.

This also is a good time of year to score a trophy fish worth bragging about. Those are the big “yellow-mouth” trout you hear about, and fall and winter is when we catch them.

Trout don’t get the headlines like snook or redfish, but they are a blast to catch, and the bigger ones put up a pretty good fight, pulling drag and putting a nice bend in the rod.

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Trout are big and plenty right now

  This might be one of the absolute best times of the year for trout fishing, particularly when we see a warming trend like the one we’ve been having from Christmas into the new year. My go-to trout zone now is the expansive grass flats and spoil islands south of the Anclote River along St.… Continue Reading