Interesting Facts About Tarpon Fish

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Tarpon are primarily known
to stick near the shore in places like salt marshes, passes, beaches and grass flats. If you’ve never seen one before, picture a fish with a dorsal fin that extends into a long filament. They’re also known for their large, upward pointing mouths and very large scales. Another name for tarpon is “silver king” because of its majestic appearance.

Did you know tarpon have the ability to gulp air and remove oxygen using their lung-like tissue located near their swim bladder? Thus, you’re likely to spot tarpon because they do this with a “rolling” effect in the water.

Spawning offshore between the months of May and September, tarpon eventually get to be anywhere from 80 to well over 200 pounds during their lives. One time a 243-pounder was caught near Key West! In general, tarpon mature between the ages of 7 and 13. They can grow up to 8-feet long and live about 50 or 60 years.

To catch tarpon, anglers might use live shrimp or pinfish for bait. Tarpon tags are required for harvest/trophy purposes. It should be noted that tarpon are not eaten by people since they have no food value. So, to catch a tarpon is more for the thrill of it (and a great picture) than for the purpose of dinner.  Most anglers practice catch and release with tarpon.

By the way, tarpon is one of Florida’s premier game fish. They’ll put up a fight when you try and catch them– you’ll be battling them to see who has more strength and stamina!

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