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A rainy season redfish strategy

As Mother Nature delivers nearly daily rain upon us, an interesting thing happens that’s making our fishing a little easier.

Redfish don’t like all that fresh water, and as such all the runoff into backwaters, bayous, canals, creeks and rivers is forcing them out into the Gulf, where we’ve been targeting them with great success. The areas I like to work are creek and river mouths, working both shoreline on either side and the outlet, which are ambush points for reds that have come out of the backwaters for saltier water.

These fish generally as in an eating mood and we like live sardines for the job, but shrimp or pinfish will do it. Plugs, soft plastics or spoons can be effective, as well, and allow you to test the waters quickly by fan-casting and seeing if you can raise a strike.

On the plus side, all that rain cools the water, which is a blessing right now, as otherwise water temperatures would be very warm putting the fish under stress and making them less likely to chase baits.

As we move into fall, weather patterns will change and a lot of those reds will move back into their backwater lairs.


Let the 2019 silver king fishing begin

Well, it’s officially ON! The 2019 tarpon season in underway in Boca Grande. I’m in Boca now, where the fish are active and hungry, both in the big pass and in the harbor back country. I love this early season fishing, as the big crowds aren’t here yet and we have a lot more water… Continue Reading

Boca Tarpon are in; get in on the early season action

Well, the tarpon are in at Boca Grande. Fish began showing up in the pass and in the harbor at the beginning of March, so things are shaping up to be a great year for early-season action. I always encourage people to book fishing trips during the early part of the season because it’s a… Continue Reading

Cool water? Go slow for success

Fish being cold-blooded creatures, when our water temperatures drop at this time of year we adjust our tactics to up the success rate. What’s the biggest adjustment? Slowing things down to make sure the fish, which are low on energy in the cool water, have a chance to take the bait. At this time of… Continue Reading

Trout are big and plenty right now

  This might be one of the absolute best times of the year for trout fishing, particularly when we see a warming trend like the one we’ve been having from Christmas into the new year. My go-to trout zone now is the expansive grass flats and spoil islands south of the Anclote River along St.… Continue Reading

Should You Worry About The Red Tide For Fishing in Southwest Florida?

Should You Worry About The Red Tide For Fishing in Southwest Florida?

There has been a lot of talk on social media and the internet about the red tide in southwest Florida. Yes we have had a long lasting episode of red tide this year, but its the end of fishing. The fishing has been off the chain with some of the best tarpon fishing of the… Continue Reading

Interesting Facts About Tarpon Fish

Boca Grande, Florida, is THE place to go when you want to catch tarpon. Action Fishing Adventures has built a highly reputable business helping many people experience the thrill of catching tarpon in Florida’s coastal waters. Tarpon are primarily known to stick near the shore in places like salt marshes, passes, beaches and grass flats.… Continue Reading