A rainy season redfish strategy

As Mother Nature delivers nearly daily rain upon us, an interesting thing happens that’s making our fishing a little easier.

Redfish don’t like all that fresh water, and as such all the runoff into backwaters, bayous, canals, creeks and rivers is forcing them out into the Gulf, where we’ve been targeting them with great success. The areas I like to work are creek and river mouths, working both shoreline on either side and the outlet, which are ambush points for reds that have come out of the backwaters for saltier water.

These fish generally as in an eating mood and we like live sardines for the job, but shrimp or pinfish will do it. Plugs, soft plastics or spoons can be effective, as well, and allow you to test the waters quickly by fan-casting and seeing if you can raise a strike.

On the plus side, all that rain cools the water, which is a blessing right now, as otherwise water temperatures would be very warm putting the fish under stress and making them less likely to chase baits.

As we move into fall, weather patterns will change and a lot of those reds will move back into their backwater lairs.