Boca Tarpon are in; get in on the early season action

Well, the tarpon are in at Boca Grande. Fish began showing up in the pass and in the harbor at the beginning of March, so things are shaping up to be a great year for early-season action.

I always encourage people to book fishing trips during the early part of the season because it’s a way to fish the world-famous Boca tarpon without the huge crowds that begin in May. March and April fishing means more freedom and options, as there just aren’t the huge numbers of people on the water chasing the fish around. The tarpon are plentiful and they are happy and less molested by all the traffic. It’s simply the most enjoyable tarpon fishing the pass and Charlotte Harbor have to offer.

I still have a few days open in April, but this year I’ve booked more April dates than ever, so it looks like a lot of tarpon anglers are figuring out April is the time to go for the purest experience possible.

Those who take advantage of these early days will stalk schools of fish with me, a live crab dangling from the end of their rod as we position on an intercept path with moving fish. Once in casting range, the crab will be pitched into their path. It’s an offering the tarpon find nearly impossible to pass up. It’s not a question of whether we’ll get a bite, it’s just a matter of how big will the fish be that gets to it first.

Once hooked, the there is no chaos, no trying to land the fish amidst a sea of boats and lines in the water that we see later in the season. That means not only is April a great time to hook up, but also a great time to ensure the fish makes it to boat-side for that all important photo.

April tarpon? It’s great, but limited, so get in touch with me and will lock in your day.

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