Tarpon by the thousands, anglers by the handful – now’s the time

There are lots of secrets that go into a successful tarpon fishing trip, but none top timing, and the time is now.

It’s not even mid April and there already are thousands of tarpon in Boca Grand Pass, and they are hungry.

We landed four of eight today, the largest going a whopping 180 pounds. All were take drifting live crabs in the big pass. What a day!

The best part is the only crowds you will have to deal with now are crowds of silver kings. I still have a few days open over the next couple of weeks, and I can’t think of a better scenario – lots and lots of big fish and not many anglers on the water chasing them. It’s “THE” opportunity of the season.

The basic tactic is to position the boat ahead of moving fish and get those crabs drifting naturally in the current. Crabs are hard to resist for tarpon, and when they see its wiggling legs near the surface, they pounce with a vengeance.

Things get medieval really fast from there, and the next thing you know the rod is doubled over and fish weighing more than many grown men is flying through the air and shaking its head wildly. The force these fish exert on their runs is awe inspiring, and offers one of the greatest angling challenges to be found anywhere.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make some time, book a trip and make some fantastic fishing memories.

We had all our fish by 11 a.m. today – the 180-pounder, and 150, a 110 and a 90-pound fish. We jumped off four others.